Arts in Schools

After careful consideration of the 12 grant applications Kids First Education Foundation received, we have decided upon the following 3 applicants to participate in the Arts in School Pilot program:

  • Carol Bowser, 1st grade teacher at Woodrow Wilson – Art in Action
  • Jane Bretthauer, 4th grade teacher at Susan B. Anthony – Leap for Kids
  • Liese McKittrick, middle school art teacher at Benjamin Franklin – Arts Attack

These teachers expressed a true committment and clear objective in integrating the arts into the lives of our students for both enrichment and academic success. We look forward to working with them this year and continuing our long-term goal of funding arts for ALL schools of JESD.

Special thanks go to the people who took the time to apply. We truly appreciate your dedication to your students. Many thanks to you all for your time and efforts.

Kids First Education Foundation (KFEF) is launching a pilot program this 2011-2012 school year to mark the beginning of our 5-year goal of providing enriching arts programs for all schools in the Jefferson Elementary School District (JESD). Although this is a pilot for KFEF, we have chosen 3 proven arts curriculum providers that have decades of proven success. They are:

KFEF is looking for 3 different JESD schools that would be willing to take ownership of one of the arts programs to implement in their school. We will fund the program directly and ask in return for a dedicated resource to implement the program and provide candid feedback at the conclusion.

Interested applicants should submit a letter in writing to the Foundation that includes ALL of the following:

  • Name of your school
  • Name, address, telephone, fax numbers and email address of applicant – art program liaison
  • Which art program you would like to implement
  • Description of how the project will contribute to the greater good of your school community
  • Your signature vouching that the art program will be implemented and program feedback will be provided prior to the end of 2012 school year.

Please email your application to KFEF at You may also fax to
1-800-995-9814 OR mail your application to:

Kids First Education Foundation
c/o Jefferson Elementary School District Office
101 Lincoln Drive
Daly City, CA 94015

Successful applicants will be notified within 5 working days of the deadline. Grant recipients will be required to submit a written report and photographs of the program including specifically how the program was beneficial, lessons learned from the pilot and participate in a group discussion among all pilots to help shape KFEF funding plans.

Email us at, post a message on our Facebook page